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There have been so many individual donors, organizations, companies services who have donated books, comics, money, and considerable time and effort to make Books For Troops, Inc. able to continue and even grow in the past three + years.  We are now incorporated and listed as a 501(c)(e) non-taxable charitable organization.

We are reaching troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and Korea, as well as many of the naval ships.  We are also sending to 18 VA hospitals across the US where our troops are recovering.  Finally, we are sending books to the families of our troops and children's books to the deployed parents to be read to their children via Skype or to be recorded on tape to be sent back home to their children as bed time stories to be read in their own voice to their children.

All this has happened because thousands have believed in our mission to improve the quality of life of those in war zones with books.  That it has been a success is evidenced form the countless letters from the soldiers and families.  Please see "Letters from Soldiers" and "Letters from Families" and you will see the result of your support. Not only the books themselves, but the message of support and care that each book represents, reminds our soldiers that they are far from forgotten. 

 It took much more than a village to make this happen and we would like to name as many people as possible that created this "village" of good will of and support.  We would like to be able to list the individual donors, but because of their numbers, we are afraid many would be omitted.  However, know that you are the foundation of our organization and you are the top of the list of people we thank.  

In addition I will  attempt to list all the companies, organizations and services that have also made possible all those thousands of books and comics that have helped our troops forget for awhile the life they live while sacrificing for us to keep us free.  Names/organizations are listed alphabetically. 

Our "village" keeps getting bigger and bigger helping us to reach even more troops with our message of support and care. 

Kathleen and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Do it a Third Time as Promised.

Kathleen and her husband delivered over 3000 books this year and a very generous check for postage that far outdid the first two successful drives that she and her fellow workers have done for us in the past two years. The books and the postage money will once again make possible boxes and boxes of quality books to be sent to the troops who welcome the escape and the entertainment they provide. Kathleen, you are truly making a huge difference in the quality of lives of our troops by showing them annually that they are well-remembered and appreciated by many. Books for Troops is so grateful to have you support our mission. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts, Ellen, Joanne, Lisa, Barbara, Dale, Nabeel, Lisa, Chris



All individual donors of books, comics, and monetary donations & services 

Albany Broadcasting 

Alexander Hamlet, Author

Aliperti, Michael and Kristine 

All Saints Academy

All Saints Catholic Academy (Spirits Day) 

Allerdice Hardware 

American Legion Post, Post 1450, Halfmoon


Anscombe, Donna 

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco

Aw Yeah Comics, Skokie, Illinois

Berry, Jessica & Jerry 

Baird, Sue 

Marjorie Bates 

Phil Barrett

Richard Behrens 

Elizabeth Bitner 

Bates, Marjorie 

Ballston Spa Schools

Debbie Bedford

Richard & Patricia Behrens 

Bella Napoli Bakery 

Brian Barton- Home Electronic Services 

Beza, Debbie & Bruce

Jen Blood

Claude Bonnier 

Books B Gone

Book Barn, Latham

Boy Scouts of America

Breslin, Paul 

British American

Brown, Greg 

Burnt Hills Volunteer Fire Department

Arlen Bunnecke 

Calvary United METHODIST church 

Comic Depot, Saratoga Springs 

Corpus Christi Catholic Church 

Aileen Campbell

Caestrati, Joe

Robert Carson 

Elizabeth Carloni 

Leo Carroll 

Catholic Daughters of America

CBS Corporation 

Christ Lutheran Church in Reading, PA

Clifton Park Elks 

Citizens Bank, Clifton Park

College of St. Rose

Pat Collins 

CSR Alumni Relations

Comix Gallery

Community News

Community Service Committee Delmar Progress Club 

Community Work Order Progrram, Saratoga County

Congressman Chris Gibson

Corpus Christi Church 

Maggie Newland Conroy 

Country Drive-In Restaurant,  Clifton Park 

William and Allison Danahar 

Linda Delfs 

Department of Motor Vehicle offices in Saratoga County

3N Document & Destruction Co.

Dunkin' Donuts

Elizabeth & Sheila Dwyer 

Jean Dwyer 

Eastline Books, Clifton Park

Earthworld Comics 

Eleanor & Leimat and Friends of Rae Jan Library 

Ellis Hospital, Schenectady

Federal Express

Fonda, Betty, Claude Bonner

Forts Ferry Elementary School 

Flynn, Mae 

James and Barbara Finnegan 

Fit For Life, Clifton Park

Bette Fonda and Claude Fonnier 

Fox 23 News

General Electric, Research 

GE Foundation 

CDR Daniel Gage 

Aline Galgay

Jerry and Judith Gerwitz

Alex Gerage and Aw Yeah comics 


Keezletown Ruritan Club, Inc 

Paul and Ellen M. Kierman-Gerber 

Patricia Giglio-CDPC

Global Foundries, Malt

Teresa Fugazzi 

Owen Greenspan 

Hannaford Supermarkets

Harbor House Fish Fry Restaurant, Clifton Park

Marlene Hickey

Bob and Paulette Hinds

Hoosick Falls Elementary-Mrs. Patten's First Graders

Jim Barrett Beat Shop

Fonda, Betty 

Kate Frederick 

Gregory and Judith Gerwitz 

Grecian Gardens

Joseph E. Zaloga Unit 1520 American Legion Auxiliary 

Karen Bobo Book Drive 

Kathleen Hartley Book Drive

Hiadum, Linda 

Ellen Keegan 

Keezletown Ruritan Club 

Kelly, Maureen 

Ruth Kelleher 

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Kurt Kamm, Author

Knights of Columbus, Saratoga Springs

Pamela Lacy 

Sally Laing 

Latham Colonie Columbiettes

Latham Post Office, Rte. 155 

Latham Ridge Elementary School 

Leupold, Deborah 

Lieberman, Sherry 

Lindsey's Country Store

Loudonville Presbyterian Church 

Loudonville  Elemntary

Luebbers Family 

Mabey's Storage

Maestas, Herman 

Marie Morrison Outreach Program

Maguire, Judy 

Martel, Eileen 

Kathy Marchione 

Mechanicville Elementary School

Mohawk Squardron 1450 

Mom's Club

Bill Morrison

Nancy Murdoch 

National Bank of Scotia and Employees

Nemeth, Kim 

Newbury Comics and Duncan Brown  

Bob Neville 

Ed Newland 

Niskayuna Reformed Church

Norampac Boxes

North Colonie School District

Linda Novak

Oak Brook Commons Apartments, Clifton Park

Operation Adopt A Soldier, Inc.

Operation Paperback

Lucille Ouimet 

Joseph Palko

Pennysaver Weekly Paper

Philips, Eric 

John and Mary Pickett 

Pittstown UMW 

Pitney Bowes Software

Lisa Plummer 

Print Productions 

Fran Porter

Price Chopper Supermarkets

Print Graphics

Plummer & Wigger, LLC

Pyle, Gregory 

Terry Pyles 

Queensbury Senior Citizens 

Queen Anne Senior Citizens Club 

Rana Hughes Book Drive

Red Robin Restaurants in Clifton Park

Red Robin Restaurants in Latham

Regal Cinema, Clifton Park

Naomis Ricci 

Judith Ricci 

Danielle Reich 

Rider, Ray 

Donna Riley 

Jean Roos

Rob Roos 

William Ross 

Round Lake Methodist Church 

Jane Rotrosen Agency 

Route 84 Lumber

Donald Ruberg 

David Rushman 

Karen Sapone 

Anna Stay 

Sandwich Shop in Clifton Park

Saratoga Elementary Schools

Saratoga Library

Saratoga Race Track

Saratogian Newspaper

Schenectady Gazette Newspaper

SCA Tissue

Scotia Rotary

Shaker High School Book Drive, Latham

Shenendehowa High School East, Clifton Park

Siebert, Wendy 

Siena College, Loudonville

Smith, Carolyn 

Smith, Donna 

Patricia Smith 

Spotlight Newspapers

St. Jude's School, Wynantskil


Stanton, Janet 

Starbuck's, Clifton Park

Anna Stay 

Kelly Strack 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Strano

Peter and Gail Swoto

Chery Teres

Total Facility Solutions

Times Union Newspaper

Town of Clifton Park, Enduring Freedom

Town of Halfmoon 

Town of Clifton Park 

Troy, New York, Mayor's Office

Nancy Tudor 

United Parcel Service

United States Post Office, Clifton Park

Upstate NY Chapter of the 10th MINT DIV 

Voorheesville Central High School

Walmart Supermarkets

Waterford Farmer's Market

West Crescent Fire Department

Irene Welkley 

Joanne and William Wildy 

William Sandford Library

Matthew Wolfe 

Wood Road Elementary School

Williams, Alana 

Upstate NY Chapter 

Usborne Books 

Nadine Yater 

Joseph Zaloga Unit 1520 


There are many more supporters that have not been named due to the volume of donations we receive. We want to thank every single person who has helped us continue our work for the past 4+ years. If your name or organization was inadvertently not listed please contact me at [email protected]. and it will be put on right away. Ellen Keegan


 3N Document and Destruction Co. who donates their services for our recycling needs.

Print Productions for doing our quality printing at very reduced prices. 

Oak Brook Commons who donates two of our garages used for the storage of our books

Normapac Co. who donates all our shipping boxes.

SCA tissue  who has provided rolls of toilet paper for 2 locations of deployed troops who have none. They have just donated 7/2/14 two hundred more rolls of toilet paper for our troops.

3m FOR DONATING OVER $1000 DOLLARS WORTH OF 3M PRODUCTS INCLUDING OVER 200 ROLLS OF PACKING TAPE, several boxes of bandages and gauze for the troops, stick it notes, page dividers, velcro binders, etc. The tape alone will save us hundreds of dollars in packing expenses.

Grassroots Givers donated several puzzle books and chapsticks.

US POST OFFICE, CLIFTON PARK, RTE. 9  who takes care of all our mailing needs with humor, professionalism, and respect. The only post office we trust with our precious cargo.

U S post Office donate postage money.

Albany Broadcasting who has donated our large, heated, air-conditioned, street entrance office in Latham, making our life so much easier, more comfortable, brighter and more spacious. However, we also wish to thank the Town of Halfmoon for providing us with a home for 6 years when no one else offered. Unfortunately we grew and their space couldn't nor could they remove the stairs that we climbed lugging heavy boxes of books to and fro.  We were treated at all times with respect, kindness and care.  



Colonel Rider's family has donated several boxes of beautifully bound books concerning all aspects of World War II which were a part of his personal collection.  Several of the collection contained very graphic photographs of the Great War and its horrors.  There were excellent biographies of many of the well-known names of the period and in that war, including President Roosevelt.  There was also included books on WWI.  The collection is priceless and of museum quality & his family felt it would be a great tribute to their father, who could no longer house the books, to give them to his beloved troops.  They are now in the library of the Oklahoma VA hospital where our most needy troops, the disabled and wounded, are recovering.  I asked his son, Doug, to write a brief biography of Col. Rider. This is what he wrote: 

"Col (ret) Ray L. Rider graduated  from Oregon State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1962 and entered the Air Force later that year.  first assignment was to the AF Weapons Laboratory at Kirkland AFB, NM.  While there he was selected to be a pilot and attended Undergraducate Pilot Training at Webb, AFB, TX.  Over the course of his career, he flew the F-100, F-4, and F-16, including a one year tour in Viet Nam flying the F-100.  He is a graduate of Air War College.  His command assignments included Squadron Commander of the 612 TFS at Torrejon AB in Spain, Director of Operations at Zagagoza AB in Spain, Base Commander at Helinikon AB in Greece,  and Base Commander at Lowry AFB, Co. Col. Rider retired from the AF in January 1992. He is currently living in Centennial CO. Congratulations Col. Rider on your dedication to our country and thank you for your priceless gift and legacy to our troops."

Many thanks to the family of Colonel Ray L. Rider!


If your name or organization was inadvertently omitted in the list above, please contact us at [email protected]  Your contribution is important to us and we would like to acknowledge it.

The "Cadillac of Book Drives" held by Kathleen Hartley,August 2013, 2014 & 2016

The book drive, for the month of August in 2013, her second, brought in 3,467 books including hard-covers, soft-covers, children's books, puzzle books, puzzles, plus $200 for postage. In 2014 Kathleen not only topped her number of books, but brought in over $600 in money for postage. 2016, the Porsche of book drives brought in 2000 books and almost $2000 in postage. What an incredible effort and what wonderful support and care for the troops. Thank you from the troops and from Books for Troops. In total Kathleen in 3 years raised enough books and money to send 284 boxes of books. What a huge thank you to send our troops. We are so grateful for your dedication, hard work and support.


                                                  A TRIBUTE TO THE OLD PEOPLE

This country needs old people with their work ethic, sense of responsibility, pride in their country, and decent values. We need them NOW more than ever before.

.Old people are easy to spot at sporting events or any other events where the national anthem is being sung because they remove their hats, stand at attention, know all the words and believe in them and sing them proudly and loudly without embarassment.

.Old people remember World War II, Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt, Guadalcanal and Hitler. They remember the race to space, the atomic Age, the Peace Corps.They remember Kennedy's first inaugural address when their youngest President, John F. Kennedy challenged "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." They mourned the assassination of Kennedy and how it brought the entire country and most of the world into weeks of mourning. They experienced the atomic Age, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Jet Age, and the landing on the moon.  They remember the 50 plus Peacekeeping missions from 1945-2005, not to mention the horror of VietNam and the treatment of the troops when they came home. They also remember the thousands of caskets draped in flags televised almost nightly and mourned. Many of the "old people were actual participants and some finally tell their stories with anguish and tears. 

.If you bump into an old person on the sidewalk, he/she will apologize. If you pass an old person on the street, he will nod or tip his hat to a lady. Old people hold the door for a lady, lets the lady enter first, and always lets her walk on the inside so that he can protect her.

.O;d people get upset with swear words especially in front of children or women. They don't like it in print or on film as well

.Old people have  moral courage and personal integrity. They seldom brag unless it is about their children, grandchildren, a good friend or their spouse.

.It is the old people who always say thank you for the littlest favor or gift often with a nice call or card.

.It is the old person who takes the time to really listen to you.



It is while I read this description of old people, I think of the military who seem to represent the same values, work ethics, sense of responsibility, knowledge and pride in their country's history with courage and personal integrity. They love their country as "the old people" enough to sacrifice their lives to preserve it.While they are nfirsthand witnesses to the wars of the past, they are primary witnesses to the horrors of recent wars that defies definition, the rules of war, and any kind of humanity. Yet, they continue to fight for the same freedom that was began at Lexington. Thank you for the Old People who remind us of our heritage and for the military who help preserve it. 




                               A Donation from CBS Corporation-their letter to Books for Troops

"This past Wednesday, a group of our employees joined in the CBS Law Department's "Brown Bag Lunch for Charity" to support Books for Troops' efforts in raising awareness in backing our troops in the Middle East.

We are so happy to donate the enclosed books, DVDs and playing cards as well as handwritten notes of encouragement for US deployed in worn torn areas. This event will be posted on our Facebook page and will be included in our CBSupdate newsletter in support of veterans. " Richard Bobgiono 

(All of the items donated by CBS were included in the first mailing of the New Year. I am sure the boxes were met with smiles that a company as widely known as CBS remembered them. Thank you CBS. Maybe you can be an example to the other major TV stations to send similar care packages to the troops.) There are several lists on the internet on what to send or not send. If you do want to send books, paperbacks are preferred since they are easily carried. Sci/fi & Fantasy as well as Westerns are very popular. In fact we can't keep enough of them on our shelves.  

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