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Here is a list of recommended books you might like to read. If you would like to add a book to the list, please send your suggestions to Books for Troops at [email protected] with a very short summary and its genre.
WHEN BOOKS WENT TO WAR- BY  Molly Guptill Manning-The story of how a group of librarians, American publishers at the request of President Franklin Roosevelt sent over 1,200,000 specially created paperbacks (ASE's- American Soldier's Edition), chosen from 1800 carefully selected titles to our troops during World War II to help give then an escape from feelings of fear, loneliness, boredom, and homesickness. The books also acted as a connection to their homeland.  In addition the books  acted as a counterattack to the Germans destruction of over a million books during that time. Eisenhower felt so strongly about the effectiveness if the books on his troops that he made sure each man has an ASE with him before the invasion of Normandy to fill the lone waiting times. The books were such a success that they were named to be the third most important reason we won the war. -non-fiction

TEAM OF RIVALS-by Doris Kearns Godwin-a compelling story of Abraham Lincoln from his formative years, through the beginnings of his political career that culminated in the Presidency for the United States. During this rise in the political career he was often criticized for his humble beginnings and his lack of learning. When he was elected President, although claimed that he was elected by default. Lincoln's  chose his his cabinet from the men who were politically his rivals because of their brilliant backgrounds and then struggled to get them to work together. He also struggled with the issue of slavery and soon realized any attempt to end it could prevent the reuniting of the states. He realized that, as President, the preservation of the Union was his first priority.  Lincoln also struggled with the several different generals he chose to command the troops. They simply refused to attack, as battle after battle was lost. Only in the 4th year of the war, when he chose Ulysses Grant as the commander-in chief of our forces, did the tide began to turn and our Northern troops began to win the war. Lee was forced to surrender on April 15th, 1865 his men in rags, sick, starving and defeated morally. When General Lee surrendered in 1865, Lincoln, wanting to reunite our country as peacefully as possible, decided to not punish the South and to lead everyone into a peaceful reconstruction of a battered country, both in the North and the South. An assassin's bullet ended that plan. 
Godwin's book is full of historical facts, significant portrayals of historical figures with heir strengths and weaknesses. The book leaves us with a true appreciation for our 16th President and all his steadfast love of his country. The book is an easy to read history of a tragic time in our history in our nation.

NO ORDINARY TIME by Doris Kearns Godwin is another compelling story of a President and his leadership during war. This man was President Franklin Roosevelt and the war  was World War II. The book  "brilliantly relates the interrelationship between the inner workings of the Roosevelt household and the destiny of the US." Godwin It gives an intimate portrayal of the Roosevelt's relationship, as well as both Franklin and Eleanor's role in helping a nation at war, following a depression, survive and succeed. While FDR fought our nation's war with Germany and Japan, Eleanor looked over and guided her husband with decisions to help the homefront survive. She went to the farmers and the mines, the factories and the breadlines at Roosevelt's request to see with her own eyes, the reality of those who suffered at home. When she returned from those experiences she and Franklin would meet to discuss what she saw what she thought. Having tremendous respect for Eleanor, her insights and her love of country, Franklin created many programs to help alleviate the injustices and suffering that she saw firsthand. The book is a important history of World War II, a war of power and words and a public and gripping picture of Eleanor and Franklin and how their relationship impacted the world. -History

THE MARCH-by E.L. Doctorov Doctorov relates the story of Sherman's march to the sea during the Civil war and the terrible devastation he brought to those villages and people he passed. He pillaged the villages, took all their food and animals, demolished buildings and homes leaving nothing behind but destruction and hopelessness. To survive people were forced to leave their destroyed homes and follow him, in hopes of finding food, shelter, hope. The book is a very moving rendering of what it is like to live through a time when life as you've known it has been destroyed, where the winning of a battle defines the rules of humanity, and self-survival is the only reality. What saves the book are the incredible stories of those on the "March" that help each other survive their own personal  "March". Historical fiction

THE BOOK THIEF-BY Zusak  relates the story of a young girl witnessing the Holocaust from her neigborhood, trying to understand what is happening. She befriends a Nazi woman who loans her books. The story is a very moving one that relates the horror of the Holocaust through the eyes of those watching it happen. Historical Fiction

THE SECRET LIVES OF BEES BY BILLIE LETTS  relates the story of a young girl, Lily living in South Carolina an her black Nanny and stand-in-mother who try to vote for the first time and is attacked for doing so. She and Lily run away and eventually encounter May, June and August who are beekeepers. A hear-warming story begins continues when they become a family. historical fiction

SKELETONS AT THE FEAST BY CHRIS bOHJALIAM -Towards the end of WWII, a small group of people begin a journey to reach the British and Americans. In a very moving story, the tragedy and horror of war is told movingly from the experiences of Anna, the narrator of the story. historical fiction

A DELICATE BALANCE-CHRIS BOHJALIAN- The story begins after a young girl is hurt when hit on her bicycle. As the narrative continues, she encounters an old man who tells her his story of being a photographer during his lifetime. As story unravels, the reality of the young girl's bicycle accident and the meeting of the old photographer is revealed.

MARCH-E.L DOCTOROV-After Sherman's army burned Atlants, destroying everything in sight, the people left behind with nothing to sustain them began a journey following Sherman. The story relates this journey filled with unforgettable characters as they suffer to survive. Historical Fiction

BACK FROM HEAVEN'S PORCH-DANNY BADER-a self-improvement and motivational book written about a young man who died and came back and how that experience him forced him to find purpose and meaning in his life.  It is a sensitive and personal story with rich characters, "honest self-reflection and valuable insight and a guide to help you change your life. Self-help

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