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                                                                                  RECOMMENDED BOOKS                                                                                                                                                                                              
When Books Went to War- by Molly Guptill Manning is an "account of FDR's counterattack of Germany's 
wholesale burning of the books" before and during World War II  by sending our troops over 120 million, specially designed books called Armed Services Editions (ASE) that would fit into their pockets. Guptill relates story after story about the impact these books had on the morale and state of mind of the troops and their commanders quoting their own words. The book includes the more than 1800 different titles of  books sent, as well as a list of all the authors that Germany banned. By the end of the war  books were sited as one the three reasons we won the war. This book clearly emphasizes that our war with Germany was not merely a war of weapons, but a war of words and ideologies. Highly recommended. Non-Fiction.