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Be sure to check this page often for all the things happening at Books For Troops, Inc. Featured: 1) the rescue of 4 American pilots by a Danish fisherman during WWII,  2) Items needed for the Troops.



Books for Troops has received many e-mail and letters saying that boredom is their biggest enemy. While we are sending DVDs, Books on Tape, puzzle books & comics along with the books, we would like to include some more items to fill their empty time. We are very low on DVDs, Books on Tape, and always need puzzle books, including some large print for the hospitals. In addition we would like to send items from this list. Most of them can be bought at the $1.00 store or Walmart who has the cheapest prices. Here is the complete list:

colored pencils, automatic pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, thin colored markers

NEW playing cards and any paperback books on card playing games

current pocket calendars or wall calendars


foam footballs and basketballs 

rubber thongs to be used in the shower (all sizes-men and women) 

small notebooks that will fit in a pocket

dice. dominoes, Yahtzee, Skip-bo, Uno, 

Unused stationary, envelopes or greeting cards

checkers, chess, backgammon

poker chips

small drawing pads

rubber flip/flops for showers 

Board games: Monopoly (any version), Apples to Apples, Clue

Back issues of such magazines as Time, National Geographic, People, Newsweek or any other magazine on world news, magazines on  sports, cars, motorcycles, fitness for men and women, health for men and women, travel magazines, and women's magazines. Magazines can be used but should be less than a year old, especially those on News, 

Please place these items in a closed plastic bag with your name and phone number if you would like to included in a raffle for $100 cash or $100 gift card for gas or Amazon card.The winner will be announced on August31. Items can be left in our drop boxes for books at Halfmoon Town Hall (weekdays from 9-4, or our other drop sites at Bella Napoli in Latham on the left side of the entrance, or our office, 688 rte 9, 200 ft, north of Bella Napoli bakery between a pizza place and Dunyea del. Both those drop site have outside collection boxes which are available at all times. All these items can help fill the empty time the troops struggle with, are wonderful reminders of home and great ways to thank the troops for their many sacrifices to protect us and our freedom. Items may also be sent to Books for Troops, 152 Oak Brook Commons, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Make sure you include your name and phone number if you want to be included in our drawing. Any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] Thank you as always for your support. Books for Troops. 

The winner of the $100 in cash or gift card for the additional items drive was Mark Hervieux. He has chosen the cash prize. Thank you to Mark and all the other donors who participated. We now have a great supply of extras to include in our boxes of books and to remind out troops how much those at home really care about their quality of life. 





HEM BOCES and their teacher, Don Lucas asked a team of 4 of his students. Mike Peska as foreman and Mike Crounse, Xavier Ortega and Cameron Tarbox to build 4 very sturdy, attractive and very much needed bookcases to house our thousands of books that will eventually be sent to our troops.(The fourth bookcase is in another area housing sci/fi books). Having a place for sorting the books by category provided by these bookcases makes filling the troops specific requests so much more efficient in time and effort saved. Previous to this, books were held in large rubbermaid bins, plowing through the bins everytime we needed specific books. Now the books are all on display by category and ABC order. Already filled with classics and non-fiction, the above bookcases have made a huge difference in completing our smorgasboard of bookcases that categorize our books. Thanks to Don and his team for taking their time and their expertise to help us support the troops!

***NEW*** Adopt-A-Box
Books for Troops had a very successful year in 2017.  We were able to send over 1,000 boxes of books (that’s 40 books per box) to deployed troops around the world and to over 30 VA hospitals within the states. We were able to do this because of your generous support.

Because of the cost of sending these boxes, our budget has been severely depleted and therefore we have launched a new program called “Adopt-A-Box”.   The “Adopt-A-Box” program asks for the donation for the cost of postage of a box (includes 40+ books) at $15.00/box.  Our goal is to have 100 boxes adopted by April 30th making it possible for deployed troops to know we’re thinking of them.  This is an easy way to show them that we remember them with care and pride for ALL they sacrifice to keep us safe and free.

To read how important these books are to the troops and how much they appreciate them, please go to our website at Books For Troops and look under “Thanks from the Troops”. As always thank you for your support. Without it, Books for Troops would not be able to continue to send the gift of books to the troops. 

To “Adopt a Box” please send a check of $15 per box to* made out to: Books for Troops and mailed to:

Books for Troops

152 Oak Brook Commons

Clifton Park, NY 12065

Thank you for all your support,

Ellen Keegan, Books for Troops and its loyal volunteerUPD 

UPDATE: By March 31st, Books for Troops received 112 donations for the "Adopt -a-Box fundraiser. We far surpassed the goal of $1500 for 150 boxes. In fact we raised enough to send 400 boxes. We are so grateful for the enormous response to our fundraiser. I tried to send thank you notes, tax receipts, and a copy of Thanks from the Troops to every donor. If you did not receive your receipt, please let me know by e-mail and I will send them right out to you. Please include your address and the amount of your check to complete the tax receipt. My e-mail is [email protected] Once again your support will bring smiles to 400 troops. Since they share everything with each other the books will reach thousands of troops. We at Books for Troops are so grateful for helping us take care of the troops by sending them boxes of "Medicine for the Mind." ( An ancient Greek inscription on their library in Thebes, Greece.

UPDATE: Many people are continuing to send donations for "Adopt a Box>" We are thrilled that this is happening since money goes quickly as we continue to mail in quantity. This month alone we sent Packages that totaled Over $500. We would like people who have "Adopted a Box" to consider doing so. Information for doing so is listed above. 

                                                         2018- UPDATE


2017 marked a very successful year for Books for Troops, We sent 1100 boxes to the deployed all over the world (about 4,400 books) and to our 22 VA military hospitals to provide hours of escape and release from the horrors of living in a war zone so far from home. This year, June, 2018 is starting to show the same success. Since Jan.1st we have mailed 30 boxes of 35-45 books each to 150 individual troops, 20 large shipments to ships and large troops of 500 books each, 5 shipments of 22 boxes of books to our 22 VA Hospitals, and several large shipments of children's books to South Africa for our humanitarian efforts to improve literacy. The total number of books sent so far is 18,000 books, 50 boxes of comics, and countless numbers of puzzle books, DVDs and Books on Tape. We are also trying to include some extra items mentioned in the article above, "Books for Troops Would Like to Send More I Items to the Troops."  The items on the list are taken from requests from the deployed troops.

So many have been very generous in supporting our cause. However with mailings going out so often, the money goes quickly. As always we need your help in making this possible by making donations of these items, as well as helping with postage through "Adopt a Box. " Checks can be made out to Books for Troops, 152 Oak Brook Commons, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Items can be donated at the sites mentioned in the above article. Thank you for all you have done to keep these books going to where they are so needed and appreciated. Without your generosity, there would be no Books for Troops. Ellen Keegan

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