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                                                          Credos to all who helped the troops deal with the Pandemic

Pandemic donations have been incredibly generous. We received over  100 donations. With that money we were able to purchase the special troops' requests that we usually don't carry. We also raised enough money for the postage to send the books. In addtion we have enough  postage for our future requests in the upcoming months now that we are attempting to get back to business as usual.We would like to thank you for your empathy for the troops. Their biggest challenge they have told us is dealing with boredom.  Thanks for replacing their boredom with the gift of escape and entertainment. 

Books for Troops asks that we once again resume your donation of books.

Books for Troops is once again accepting paperback books of all genres. Our strongest needs are for History, military history, historical fiction, biography, sci/fi & fantasy horror and true crime. We are accepting books only at our office at 688 New Loudon Rd. in Latham. To maintain social distancing, the books are to be left in one of the 3 rubber maid containers in front of the office. They will be there at all times and will be checked often.  Please place the books in plastic bags, not boxes which take too much room. Make sure the covers are on tightly. Because of the pandemic we are being more careful about sending books. They must be in very good to excellent conditions. We will recycle all books that are old, torn, yellowed, missing pages or smelly. They  are ridden with germs. We are no longer accepting magazines because they need to be sent by standard mail rather than media mail which is 4 times as expensive. If you have a huge donation, please let us know by e-mail at: [email protected] Also any other questions may be sent to that e-mail. As always thank you for your support. If it wasn't for you, there would be no Books for Troopss

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