Books for Troops has completed its first newsletter. If you would like a copy please e-mail : and one will be forwarded. If you would like to be put on a list to continue to receive further newsletters published about every 4 months, let us know in your request. I hope you enjoy our first attempt. BFT


Books for Troops has been donated a new office space in Latham by Albany Broadcasting. It is located 100 ft. North of  Bella Napoli bakery on the left side of rte 9, right past the Taco Bell. It is number 688, rte 9 and is a storefront. It is at least 4 times the size of our former office, is on the first floor so no stairs are needed to lug heavy boxes, is bright, air-conditioned and heated and houses all the books and packing supplies we need in one place. It is finally complete. Office hours now are Sundays, Mon & Thursday, as well as most Sundays between 2 and 4, but they are not guaranteed and are subject to the availability of volunteers. We would love to be open more often, but we need more volunteers to man the office for a couple of hours. If you are interested contact Your only responsibility would be to take in new books and lock and unlock the door. The door will be locked at all times and you will have to let people in. It's a nice quiet place to read the Sunday paper or a good book. There are plenty to choose from. The surroundings are very inviting if you like to be surrounded by books. Thank you so much to Albany Broadcasting to donating the ideal office for our needs. 

                      Fundraisers for Postage Money  and Individual Donations Needed

While Books for Troops has stopped the influx of books for awhile we are still sending books to the troops on a regular basis. Last month we sent 56 boxes of books and this month will be sending over 2000 books to South Africa of humanitarian relief and this is only the beginning of the month. We really need some larger organizations to have a fundraiser to raise money for our postage. If anyone is willing to do that, we would be very grateful. We are a very small group of volunteers whose priority has to be getting the books out to the troops. Fundraising takes up time, resources and energy which we would rather use for getting books to our very appreciative troops.Please help.

If you are unable to do a fundraiser, please make a donation to Books for Troops, Inc. 152 Oak Brook Commons Clifton Park, NY 12065. Each box costs about $15.00 with the postage increases and contains about 35 books. The books not only send sources of escape and entertainment to the troops, but most importantly improve their morale by reminding them that those at home care for them and are grateful for their many sacrifices to keep us safe and free. A postage donation is a easy way to put a smile on a soldier who has little reason to smile. 

"It was the first time he saw his patients smile." a quote from a doctor in a VA hospital after walking through his ward of injured patients from Afghanistan. He was referring to them reading comic books.


Looking for Comic Books for the Troops


Books For Troops, Inc. is continuing to look for donations of comic books to send to our troops overseas.  The comics must be in decent condition and may be dropped off at any of our book donation locations (click on the "Book Drop-Office Locations" at the top of the page for locations).   Be sure to put the comics in a protective bag and write “comics” on it.  For large donations, email for instructions. 


No comics to donate?   You can help by sending a donation so we can mail out the comics to the troops.  Send a check or money order to Books For Troops, Inc., 152 Oak Brook Commons, Clifton Park, NY 12065-2677.

That the comics are truly appreciated can't be said better than in the words of the troops:


 "I have read comics all my life and they have been a big part of my life since childhood. It is nice to read stories about super-heroes in print, but it is an honor to real life super heroes in action saving lives everyday in Afghanistan."  Rob


"I decided to ask for comics because it was a medium that tied our team together."  Smith


"The note about sending us comics has all the troops in D Co. astir, we are a big comic loving group here," and 

are looking forward to the escape they'll give us."  Matt


"This note is for Books for Troops and the amazing care package they put together for this soldier...I just received a care package full of comic books and graphic novels...You have hit the biggest home run in care packages. You packed that box as if you have known me for years. My most heartfelt gratitude to you for making home seem not quite so far away. ...Your efforts have made all the difference in the world to me. "  A medic in Afghanistan


 Your donation of $12.50 will put many smiles on those who need to smile and escape for awhile.


Alex Gerage making a difference from Illinois:
Alex Gerage, a BFT volunteer from Illinois, has just sent us over 3,000 comics to be sent to the troops. He first learned about Books For Troops, Inc. in the spring of 2012 when he read an article about BFT's efforts to send comics to the soldiers after realizing from many of their responses how popular they were.  As a fan of comics and interested in an opportunity to give back to the military, Alex joined Books For Troops, Inc. in June of 2012 as its first "out-of- state member.  His sole goal was to share his love of superheroes with those who serve, and provide them a means of escape from their daily sacrifices and hardships.

Alex has done it again. A airmen whom we had sent comics to while he was in Afghanistan, Rob Smith has returned home and is now paying it forward by sending comics to the Wounded Warriors. His source of the comics is Alex. According to Rob, Alex has chosen the best of the best in Comics and in graphic novels to send to Rob who in turn happily sends to the Wounded Warriors knowing what a difference they made for him while he was deployed. Kudos to both Alex and Rob for creating more smiles and in Rob's own words while deployed, reminding the troops that home is not so far away. 

Alex has done the hard part getting the comics for the troops and raising the funds to mail them to the troops.  However, we still need the money to ship them to our deployed troops and those recuperating in VA hospitals and our Wounded Warriors.  It costs 15.00 to ship 100 comic books either overseas or within the United States.  Please help us pay for these shipping costs by donating to Books For Troops, Inc., 152 Oak Brook Commons, Clifton Park, NY 12065.


Alex has decided to send the comics directly from his home to the troops and the hospitals.  This requires a lot of extra work on his part, but lessens our workload considerably and our mailing costs in half.  Previously, Alex paid the postage to send the comics to us and then we paid again to send them to Afghanistan or the hospitals. Now he is willing to do his own boxing and sorting and mail them directly, saving us paying for them twice.  Thanks, Alex!  Even from Illinois you are a great volunteer making a huge difference for our troops.  They will never stop loving the comics you so magically make appear. You create smiles in places where they are seldom seen. You must sleep soundly at night knowing what happiness you create. And if that is not enough, Alex covers our Twitter page because I am computer illiterate when it comes to Twitter and places all our pictures on our website. Alex, thank you for your commitment and for actually creating a comic branch of Books for Troops housed in Indiana. 


        Raffle of American flag flew in combat mission begins June 1st -July 31st

     Details, story and pictures on "Nice Happenings." within the article  about Paul Tonka.