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HFM Boces, spearheaded by Don Lucas has built four, 7 shelf bookcases with his team of students, Mike Peska, foreman, Matt Crounse, Xavier Ortega, and Cameron Tarbox, The very sturdy and functional bookcase add 28 more shelves to organize our books, We are so grateful to BOCES, who also helps build houses for Habitat for Humanity, to take the time to create this much needed organized storage for our thousands of books. THANK YOU!!, THANK YOU!!!, THANK YOU!!!


HEM BOCES and their teacher, Don Lucas asked a team of 4 of his students. Mike Peska as foreman and Mike Crounse, Xavier Ortega and Cameron Tarbox to build 4 very sturdy, attractive and very much needed bookcases to house our thousands of books that will eventually be sent to our troops.(The fourth bookcase is in another area housing sci/fi books). Having a place for sorting the books by category provided by these bookcases makes filling the troops specific requests so much more efficient in time and effort saved. Previous to this, books were held in large rubbermaid bins, plowing through the bins everytime we needed specific books. Now the books are all on display by category and ABC order. Already filled with classics and non-fiction, the above bookcases have made a huge difference in completing our smorgasboard of bookcases that categorize our books. Thanks to Don and his team for taking their time and their expertise to help us support the troops!

***NEW*** Adopt-A-Box

Books for Troops had a very successful year in 2017.  We were able to send over 1,000 boxes of books (that’s 40 books per box) to deployed troops around the world and to over 30 VA hospitals within the states. We were able to do this because of your generous support.

Because of the cost of sending these boxes, our budget has been severely depleted and therefore we have launched a new program called “Adopt-A-Box”.   The “Adopt-A-Box” program asks for the donation for the cost of postage of a box (includes 40+ books) at $15.00/box.  Our goal is to have 100 boxes adopted by April 30th making it possible for deployed troops to know we’re thinking of them.  This is an easy way to show them that we remember them with care and pride for ALL they sacrifice to keep us safe and free.

To read how important these books are to the troops and how much they appreciate them, please go to our website at Books For Troops and look under “Thanks from the Troops”. As always thank you for your support. Without it, Books for Troops would not be able to continue to send the gift of books to the troops. 

To “Adopt a Box” please send a check of $15 per box to*:

Books for Troops

152 Oak Brook Commons

Clifton Park, NY 12065

Thank you for all your support,

Ellen Keegan, Books for Troops and its loyal volunteer

UPDATE: We are almost finished with our first month of our 
"Adopt- A-Box" fundraiser. The response has been wonderful. We thank all of those who so generously for our postage budget. With one more month to go until March 31st, I am sure we will reach our goal and then some. Already some of those donations have been used to send our recent mailing. You are keeping our books moving and sending both books, etc. and reminders to the troops that their homeland remembers and wants to improve their quality of life. Please keep up your support, as you have in the past seven years. We are so grateful. Ellen Keegan and Books for Troops.

Congressman Paul Tonko of the US. House of Representatives presented Books For Troops, Inc. Director Ellen Keegan with a Proclamation honoring her for her five years of work with Books For Troops.

On April 7th, 2015, Congressman Paul Tonko joined with Phil Barrett, Supervisor of Clifton Park, and Kevin Tolliver, Supervisor of Halfmoon, gathered at the Clifton Park Town Hall.  They presented Ellen Keegan, the Founder and Director of Books For Troops, Inc. a Proclamation from the US House of Representatives for her 5 years of "steadfast commitment" to our troops. 

The Proclamation states Books For Troops, Inc.'s mission "to send care packages for the mind by providing a variety of books that help ease fears, loneliness, boredom and stress and also raise awareness of the sacrifices, both big and small, that our troops are making to protect our country." 

From its first shipment of 10 boxes to Iraq in 2010, Books For Troops, Inc. now sends approximately 50 boxes per month to Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Africa, Japan and Korea as well as 28 VA hospitals across the US and to the Wounded Warriors Programs. 

While it is a tremendous honor to have Books For Troops, Inc. recognized by Congressman Tonko and the US House of Representativies, the real honors that touch our hearts come from the humble e-mails, letters and cards that BFT often receives from the troops and their commanders thanking Books For Troops, Inc. for the difference in morale and quality of living that these books provide. They are truly "Medicine for the Mind." (anonymous inscribed on library in Thebes, Greece.)  One such letter from CmSgt. Manuel Martinez sums it up best when he says that books provide "delight in moments of distress, calm in time of chaos, and diversion during downtime."  Ellen often responds to these letters by saying, " While we mean to thank you, you are thanking us. These books are our pleasure." 

To the House of Representatives and Congressman Paul Tonko, thank you for recognizing Books For Troops, Inc. as the source of comfort that it is to our troops and in so doing, raising awareness of our existence and our needs to continue our work. 

Pictured above are (left to right) Supervisor Phil Barrett of Clifton Park, Supervisor Kevin Tolliver of Halfmoon, Amy Standaert, Councilwoman for Clifton Park, the flag sent from the Air Force Squadron in Afghanistan, Ellen Keegan, Director of Books For Troops, Inc., Lisa Plummer, Books For Troops volunteer and Congressman Paul Tonko.   

                               The 3M Company gives Grant to Books for Troops


3M Co, Gifts in Kind has chosen Books for Troops as the recipient of one of the organizations to receive a palette of 3M supplies, delivered July 31st. The supplies included 80 rolls of shipping tape, one of out most needed and biggest expenses after postage, plus 24 packs of mounting tape, 4 packs of bundling wrap, 48 packs of post-it notes, 12 packs of flag packs, 32 packs of bandages and first aid dressings, 6 shower squeegees and 12 scrubbing dish cloths. Most of these items will be sent to the troops with the exception of the shipping tape and a few office supplies that will be used in our office. The grant was proposed by Bob Riley, the son of a World War II veteran, Bob Riley who had heard of Books for Troops from his father and wanted to help. As an employee of 3M he decided to apply for the "gifts in kind " grant for Books for Troops. We are so grateful for Bob taking the time and caring enough to make a difference in so many lives. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, 3M. Let you be an example to other large companies who could also be making a difference in the lives of our troops. Ellen Keegan